Vegoil Soup – an Alphabet of Acronyms.

October 27, 2007

Yep, Vegetable Oil (Vegoil or VO) as fuel. Heated, in a two-tank conversion. I like to call it Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO or Straight Veg).

You could convert it into biodiesel, but we’ll save that for another discussion.

Of course, what we’re really using up here in the chilly last frontier is Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) from restaurant deep fryers. Some folks assume that SVO means unused oil and WVO is used oil, but I think of SVO as a catch-all phase, which includes Virgin Vegetable Oil (VVO) and WVO.

WVO is really Used Cooking Oil (UCO), and a few people don’t like using the word “waste”. Then there’s sustainable agriculture, like the canola-to-biodiesel pilot project in Delta, so you could just say Pure Plant Oils (PPO).

Now I’ve also run some Salmon Oil, and the state is funding Pollack Oil biodiesel research, so you could use the catch all moniker of Renewable Oils (RO). Heck, Recovered Renewable Oils (RRO) is even better, since mostly what we’re using is Waste (Recovered) Oils, and my WVO always has a bit of chicken wing fats and other waxy goodies floating in it.

Some people like to blend their old fryer oils with kerosene, regular unleaded gas (RUG), or even used motor oil (UMO) instead of adding heat to the vegoil, so you could add a “M” in front of any of these to create a “Modified” Oil, like MWVO. I don’t have a problem with putting a gallon of diesel in a tank full of vegoil to help it flow in the middle of an Alaska winter, but I would never believe that I could safely run my vehicle on unheated “modified” vegoil. Chemically transesterified biodiesel, yes, but not a diesel “secret” blend.

I think I’ll stick with calling it Vegoil or SVO, even if it is mostly WVO with a little fish oil and a tiny bit of VVO and lard thrown in the mix.

More used:
VO – Vegetable Oil (Vegoil)
SVO – Straight Vegetable Oil (Straight Veg)
WVO – Waste Vegetable Oil

Moderately Used:
UCO – Used Cooking Oil
PPO – Pure Plant Oil (or just PO – Plant Oil)
RUG – Regular Unleaded Gas
MWVO – Modified Waste Vegetable Oil

Rarely Used:
RO – Renewable Oil
RRO – Recovered Renewable Oil
VVO – Virgin Vegetable Oil
UMO – Used Motor Oil

Fine more vegoil acronyms at the National Vegoil Board.

Veg on!


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