The Edge of Veg, A Book Review

November 16, 2007

edge of veg“The Edge of Veg: an Introduction to Running Diesel Engines on Vegetable Oil by Stephan Helbig” is a very worthwhile, if somewhat awkward, read.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5: 4.5 for the content and 2.5 for the writing.

“The Edge of Veg” is a great companion to Ray Holan’s “Sliding Home: A Complete Guide to Driving Your Diesel on Straight Vegetable Oil.”

While “Sliding Home” provide a fabulous do-it-yourself approach to converting your diesel to vegoil, “The Edge of Veg” explains what’s happening inside your engine.

In “The Edge of Veg” Helbig takes a look at different injection systems, analyzes how they work and how vegoil passes through them. It also takes a hard look at prechambers, whirlchambers and direct-injection engines and discusses how the vegoil ignites in each and tells how to optimize your vehicle for vegoil.

“The Edge of Veg,” however, suffers from run-on sentences, difficult phrasing and numerous spelling and grammatical errors. I’m assuming that it’s because the German author is writing in English – as a second language.

Overall, it’s a worthwhile read to understand the ignition properties of vegoil and how it interacts with the standard diesel injection and combustion systems.

“The Edge of Veg” is distributed in North America by the National Vegoil Board. It’s free with a full membership. Otherwise it’s only available from in Germany, but with the dismal euro to dollar exchange rate and with overseas shipping, not to mention trying to order in German, wouldn’t you rather just join the Vegoil Board?


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