Greasy Rider DVD – SVO and American Society

January 7, 2008

Greasy Rider

I was pleasantly surprised after watching Joey Carey and JJ Beck’s Greasy Rider DVD. Promoted as a documentary of a cross-country road trip where the filmmakers meet “fellow Greasecar drivers, friends and critics”, I was expecting an extended Greasecar advertisement.

Although the film does feature Greasecar, it’s not a film about their systems. It’s not even really a film about the road trip. It’s a film about how SVO fits into American society.

Folks burn SVO for environmental, political and economic reasons. This isn’t a treehugging movie, or a how-to film. It’s more of a lefty critique of our oil burning ways and their social implications. There’s no preachy narrator, but rather the honest voices of the people: Noam Chomsky, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Chong, Yoko Ono, the founders of the four major kit companies and more. Vegoil is shown as one part of the solution, something we can do now.

But don’t think this is just a film with talking heads. The producers put together a nice soundtrack and did a great job interspersing intense inteviews with bits of history, fabulous road-trip vistas, average joe reactions to their Greasecar, and chats with fellow SVO drivers.

I’m going to show it to my friends.

Veg On!


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