Book Review: Not A Gas Station

January 12, 2008

biofuel oasisNot a Gas Station: A History of the Biofuel Oasis and How to Create Your Own Biodiesel Filling Station by Jennifer Radtke is exactly what it claims to be, and I like it.

To quote directly from their website:

The book is a personal account of co-founding the BioFuel Oasis, a biodiesel filling station in Berkeley, California. It combines the entertaining stories of starting the Oasis with the practical information to start your own station.

Yep, that’s it. I just finished reading it, and it’s well worth the $15.

The bright orange photocopied cover is testament to the pure DIY effort towards urban sustainability that this women-owned worker’s collective has brought to Berkeley, California. It’s an entertaining and empowering read. It’s not a corporate how-to book, but rather a straightforward and enjoyable grassroots guide for positive change.

Wanna make a difference and bring biodiesel to the masses? Don’t have a lot of cash, but rather a lot of passion? This book will inspire you. It inspired me.

Veg On!


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