The Fat of the Land DVD

February 28, 2008

lardcarI just finished watching “The Fat of the Land” DVD, about a biodiesel-fueled road trip from New York to San Francisco circa 1994. Wow, talk about a look at the radical pioneers. It’s a well-made and enjoyable, albeit a relatively low-budget flick.

Five women, occasionally decked out in vintage waitress uniforms, alternately educate the public, raid restaurants for grease, and interview early vegoil drivers, renewable energy activists and biodiesel scientists.

It really puts things into perspective, both at how new the biodiesel scene is, but also how much history it already possesses.

It’s amazing that on this first documented cross-country veg journey the crew encounters a large city bus plastered with a huge fueled by “Soy Bio-Diesel” sign, and what I assume is the the F-250 that traveled around Missouri promoting biodiesel. The current biodiesel craze has been many, many years in the making.

Oh yeah, they also have one of the coolest, most concise low-budget biodiesel demonstrations I’ve ever seen.

It’s only $20 for the DVD, so if you’re interested in another slice of American grassroots biodiesel history I would recommend it.

And thanks to Kumar at Yokayo Biofuels for reminding me about the lardcar it his blog.

Veg On!


2 Responses to “The Fat of the Land DVD”

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  2. […] have made their 2006 Alaska to Tierra del Fuego trip into a DVD.  (And don’t forget “Fat of the Land” the first backyard biodiesel road trip […]

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