Alaska Suppliers of Biodiesel Chemicals.

June 16, 2008

Roebic Drain Opener

  • 50# Bags NaOH, KOH – Garness Industrial, Anchorage 907-562-2933
  • 55 Gallon Drum Methanol – Inlet Petroleum, Anchorage 907-274-3835
  • 2# NaOH (Roebic Crystal Drain Opener) – Lowe’s
  • 1# KOH – Arctic Vegwerks, Chugiak 907-688-5288
  • 12 oz. Methanol (HEET – yellow bottle)
  • Phenolphthalein Indicator – Arctic Vegwerks, Chugiak 907-688-5288

The homebrewer of biodiesel quickly discovers that you can’t HazMat ship small quantities of chemicals to Alaska. It’s lower 48 only.

The big chemical supplier in Anchorage is Univar. Unfortunately they DON’T want to deal with individuals, wholesale to businesses only. Furthermore, they told me on the phone that they don’t want to sell to backyard brewers of biodiesel, even if they have a business license. What’s more, they asked me if I had a fuel distributor license (which I do) and where my biodiesel facility was. I explained that I teach classes and seminars, including courses at UAA and APU, and they would “check” if they could sell to me. Ugh.

Next call was to Garness Industrial in Anchorage 907-562-2933, who resell chemicals to individuals and were great to deal with. Their single 50 pound bag price for NaOH and KOH was cheaper than the single bag price from Univar.

Garness prices June 16, 2008:

50# NaOH $57.50
50# KOH $107.00

Inlet Petroleum 907-274-3835, is a major petroleum distributor down at the Port of Anchorage. Their current price for a 55 gallon drum of methanol is $335.36, 10% more than Univar’s single drum price, but they sell to individuals.

For SMALLER QUANTITIES of chemicals your options are limited.

Lowe’s sells 2 pounds of pure NaOH branded as “Roebic (Heavy Duty) Crystal Drain Opener” for $8.68. The Tudor store was sold out, so I went to Wasilla to pick some up.

For those looking for Phenolphthalein Indicator solution, Arctic Vegwerks 907-688-5288 (yes, that’s us) sells 30ml dropper bottles for $10. We also sell one pound bags of KOH for $10, 3 pounds for $20.

Small quantities of Methanol are sold as HEET in the YELLOW BOTTLE as most gas stations and grocery stores (I get mine at Fred Meyer).

If folks from other parts of the state have additional suppliers please let us know by sending in a comment!

Veg On!


3 Responses to “Alaska Suppliers of Biodiesel Chemicals.”

  1. Bob Says:

    On-line source for NaOH and KOH:

    They use PayPal.


  2. Will Taygan Says:

    Thanks for the link, Bob.

    Although, with shipping they’re still more expensive than buying locally.

  3. Bob Says:

    Will, agreed buying locally (when available) is the preferred option.

    Perhaps people who live outside of the major cities (where NaOH and KOH may not be available locally) would most benefit from the link?


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