Vegwerks in the Anchorage Daily News.

June 22, 2008

vegwerks classRindy White from the Anchorage Daily News part together a great write-up on the Hands-On Homebrewing class I taught in Palmer last weekend. Page A4 of the Sunday paper no less!

Alaskans learn how to make their own fuel.

BIODIESEL: It’s not easy, but the result is a $2 a gallon alternative.

PALMER — Two bucks a gallon to make your own biodiesel sounds like a bargain compared to $5 to pump a gallon of gas or heating oil. But operating a processing plant in your garage might be more of a hobby than you’re willing to take on.

I was also interviewed for the pickup truck story at the top of the front page of today’s Sunday ADN. Check out the “ECO TRUCKS” part at the end:

Alaska’s love affair with pickups sours.

The emails are already pouring in for another class, and the comments are piling up at the ADN website.

So here’s some information for those FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

Check out the events page at for upcoming classes.

I also offer private classes for groups of 5 or more. Email to set one up.

See these blog entries for more information on: sustainable Alaska biodiesel, Alaska grown fuel, Alaskan fish oil biodiesel and Alaska’s place in the food vs. fuel debate.

Read more about straight vegetable oil (SVO) conversions at – using heat to thin the oil instead of removing the glycerin.

And of course you can join in the discussion at the Alaska Biodiesel and SVO yahoogroups email list.

Veg On!


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