Stealing Grease in Anchorage.

August 14, 2008

grease thiefSorry to say, but five dollar diesel has brought bad vibes to the Anchorage vegoil community.

Alaska Mill and Feed has informed us that some of their yellow grease barrels have been stolen, and a few have been pumped dry. What’s more, some local veg-fueled folks have had someone trying to pull their restaurants out from under them – and not in the nice “Is anyone else picking up your oil?” kind of way.

Wow. Mill and Feed has been Southcentral Alaska’s grease collection company for 30 years. They gone from paying for oil in the early days (to coat their animal feeds), to charging up to $30 for oil (in the lean years), and now have dropped their prices to just $10 a drum – including pickup. We’ve also heard a couple of small commercial outfits have started competing collection services. Just two years ago Mill and Feed could barely sell their oil for a profit. Now everyone wants a slice of the action.

The agreement we’ve come to with Mill and Feed over the years is that veg-fueled folks are welcome to collect grease, directly from the kitchen, for personal use. In return we’ve agreed not to compete on a commercial level.

Looks like some folks are trying to test the waters. I can only imagine that Mill and Feed won’t take kindly to folks not playing by the rules.

It’s also accepted within the veg community that we don’t take each other’s restaurants.

It’s bad juju, and we don’t take kindly to folks not playing by the rules.

We estimate that only about three-quarters of restaurants in Southcentral Alaska have their grease collected. There’s still a LOT of used cooking oil out there.

Folks, keep the scene healthy. Running vegoil isn’t free. It takes time instead of money. If you need oil, put your time in and find one of the places that still needs grease picked up. If you want to make some money at it, play nice and we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Veg On!


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