No Fuel Taxes for a Year.

August 22, 2008

tax cutWell, I spoke with the department of revenue and they didn’t know anything about the rumored tax bust, but they were going to check into it. Good News?

And, as of September 1st 2008 until August 31st 2009, I don’t have to file Alaska state motor fuel tax. (All state motor fuel taxes are suspended with the new energy relief package.)

The $0.08 a gallon isn’t much to pay, and it only takes five minutes to fill out the form, but it is annoying to file every month.

As a personal-use microproducer (of biodiesel and SVO “biodiesel”) I won’t be tracked or taxed this year, so the state revenue folks asked me not to report. And, in this land of libertarian leave-me-aloners, it’s not too surprising that I’m the only person statewide to be reporting biodiesel/SVO use. (My wild guess is that there are maybe 3-500 microproducers/vegburners statewide.)

Remember, we still have to pay quarterly FEDERAL tax to a tune of $0.244 a gallon. If you forgot, it’s form 720, line 60(c) and Schedule A (biweekly production). You’ll need a EIN for both state and federal filing.

Although motor fuels are tax-exempt for a year, the department of revenue is still tracking fuel supplies and use.

They are asking everyone producing/using biodiesel/SVO to please register. They did note that producers selling or distributing beyond their immediate family, biodiesel/svo coops and businesses producing for fleet use may still have to report this year, even if not paying taxes.

So, everyone producing biodiesel or burning SVO (“biodiesel”) please contact Jamie Taylor at 907-269-6948, and she’ll set you up.

She’s helpful and generally supportive of exempting personal use microproducers. But remember, it’s the legislature that has the authority to extend the tax holiday, exempt personal use, or change the filing schedule to quarterly. Tell your state representatives you want a permanent exemption for personal biodiesel/SVO production and use!

Veg On!


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