Prices go up, Prices go down at Alaska Mill and Feed.

September 16, 2008

Well, it’s been almost a month since Alaska Mill and Feed dropped their grease pickup prices for restaurants from $30 down to $10 (for up to two barrels).  They’re also accepting oil in cubies: $1 a jug with a $5 minimum.  This is great for those small restaurants that previously had a 55 gallon minimum, and had to pour the cubies into a barrel at the warehouse.  Now it’s just drop, pay and go!

On the filtered-dewatered oil (bulk yellow grease) sales they’ve been able to keep prices relatively low at $1.60 per gallon, with a 55 gallon minimum.  But, there is now a $20 refundable deposit for drums, and a $15 refundable deposit for the reinforced wooden pallets they put the drums on.  Of course, if you want to slide the drum off the pallet and into your truck yourself you can leave the pallet and skip the deposit.  Bring the drum back and your $20 comes back to you too.

We really appreciate the way Mill and Feed supports the vegoil community, and recognize the balance they’re trying to keep by selling yellow grease at an affordable price.

Looking for more insight into the Alaska grease scene?  Check out “Grease Price Conspiracies.”

Veg On!


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