DIY Alaska SVO Conversion Supplies.

September 19, 2008

Looking to convert that diesel truck of yours to run on used cooking oil?  We’ve got supplies in stock for the Do-It-Yourselfer!  Our systems have been tested to below -20F, parked outside overnight in Alaska winters.

As an authorized Plantdrive dealer/installer we specialize in hard-to-find parts at reasonable prices.  What’s more, when you buy from us you get support and guidance in converting your vehicle from the most experienced installers in Alaska.

We offer a box of the major components needed for:

  • 1989-1998.5 12v Dodge
  • 1983-1994 pre-Powerstroke Ford
  • 1968-1985 Mercedes
  • 1977-2003 VW
  • Many early 1980s diesels (excluding Chevy/GMC)

Newer vehicles require additional components which we can special order for you.

We also sell components separately for those who want to pick and choose.

The Alaska Standard Box ($1080 picked up at our Chugiak location) contains:

Two Heaters:
$165 Vegtherm Mega 12v heater PLUS WIRING
$190 HotPlate-26 Heat Exchanger

One Heated Filter:
$240 VegMax (closeout on old style) coolant heated filter
$70 3-pack extra VegMax filters

Two Valves:
$100 1st high-flow Hydraforce valve
$100 2nd high-flow Hydraforce valve

One Tank Heater:
$230 HotFox coolant heated tank heater. (special order to length)

*prices subject to change without notice.

You can locally source fuel lines, mounting hardware and electrical switches to finish out your system.  If you can scrounge a tank the additional components usually run about $500.  An industrious DIYer can have a bomb-proof Plantdrive-based Alaska Standard SVO system up and running for around $1500.

We also supply high-end components for newer vehicles, and offer full-service installs.

For more info email:

Veg On!


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