Veg My Ride, an excellent SVO Installation DVD.

October 5, 2008

Veg My Ride is probably the best DIY Installation Documentary out there.

I first saw the DVD a couple of years ago and was blown away.  Franklin Lopez from is one of the best independent-diy video producers out there, and Veg My Ride is better than many of those Sunday-morning Do-It-Yourself TV shows.

Rob del Bueno is a good-looking, well-spoken, educated and informative host, and his band Man or Astroman? provides a great indie-punk soundtrack to the show.

Rob uses a mix of parts from Greasel (now Golden Fuel Systems) and Neoteric Biofuels (now PlantDrive), and runs you through practically every step in the installation process.  He covers parts/tools, tanks, fuel and coolant hoses, wiring, priming the system, starting the car and even takes a look at other folk’s conversions.  Quite comprehensive.  The show runs just over an hour, and is about the right length to give you the visual walk through so you can pull off your own install.

My only critique is that SVO technology is advancing so quickly that the system installed is a bit dated.  Even so, if you upgraded the valves and filter, and maybe threw on a VOControl, you’d have a solid Mercedes 240D setup.

For all of you who want to “help” install a system and learn the nuts and bolts of SVO conversions, this is the DVD for you. Don’t believe me?  Check out this review at

Need it today?  It’s $20 from

Veg On!


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