“Historic SVO Trip to Alaska” on YouTube

October 24, 2008

Charlie Anderson over at Golden Fuel Systems just posted a 10 minute video about his SVO-fueled trip to Alaska this past summer.  Although it doesn’t have a whole lot of vegoil content in it, it is a fun family-friendly montage/slideshow of an Alaska Highway road trip.

I had the honor of chatting with Charlie in the parking lot of the new LEED-certified Homer Public Library during his trip.  He’s a great guy and I wish I had more time, but both of our families were waiting in the veg-mobiles.

There’s a growing pile of SVO-road trip films out there.  Even the Oil and Water Project guys have made their 2006 Alaska to Tierra del Fuego trip into a DVD.  (And don’t forget “Fat of the Land” the first backyard biodiesel road trip flick.)

So, maybe it’s not the first SVO Alaska Trip, nor even the first filmed one, but it’s a nice little 10 minute family road trip video that happened to be fueled by waste vegetable oil.

Veg On!


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