Alaska to Argentina with the Oil and Water Project DVD

October 30, 2008

Well, the Oil and Water Project SVO-Kayak road trip fellas have released their DVD and I must say I chuckled out loud a few times while watching their journey.

It’s a popular theme: Driving from the top of the world to the tropics (and to the bottom of the world in their case).

There’s a number of folks up here who just finished veg-fueled drives up the Alaska highway, and a more are converting their rigs for lower-48 and beyond journeys.  These guys may be the first, however, to film a veg-trip all the way from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

I ran into the Oil and Water rig while they were up at the Girdwood Forest Fair in 2006, and we compared biodiesel and salmon oil information.  They had a really cool Toyota mini-firetruck that they converted not only to run on vegoil, but to serve as a camper/party truck, and even press seeds into oil on the fly.

As far as the film goes, I was impressed how they showed some intense kayaking, a lot of camraderie with their rotating travelling crew and a ton of connections with school groups and local governments along their route – all the while promoting sustainable local biofuels.

It’s a fun, lighthearted journey.  There’s no talking head interviews like so many of the SVO-flicks out there, no preaching.  Just a couple of guys and their friends out to have fun and teach about renewable fuels as they travel the world – burning used chicarrone pig fat and raw palm oil along the way.

Maybe I liked it because I could identify with them.

The Alaska scenes go by quickly in the first ten minutes or so, but they do see a bunch of wildlife, run their rig on salmon oil, and take some runs on the Susitna River.  In addition, Seth’s brother Damien is a local Alaska boy, and he makes a cameo appearance close to the equator.

Looking for a easygoing and wanderlust inspiring veg-trip flick?  Try this one.  It’s $30 (with shipping) from the Oil and Water Project.

Veg On!


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