Book Review: SVO – a Compendium of Current Practice and Theory

December 15, 2008

svo-bookForest Gregg’s book SVO: Powering Your Vehicle with Straight Vegetable Oil is a great contribution to the vegoil community.

He has coupled an extensive literature review with substantial personal experience to create a dense but accessible snapshot of this quickly evolving science.

Gregg has included lots of goodies for the SVO geeks: an introduction to the chemistry of oxidative polymerization, the basic physics and bulk modulus in vegetable oil fuel injection and a comprehensive annotated bibliography for further reading.

I agree with probably 90% of his assertions, and appreciate how Gregg acknowledges the gaps in our understanding of veg-fueling diesels.  The only section that really caught me off guard was his diagrams of alternative fuel routing.  The examples seemed to point out unsatisfactory designs, but left out other acceptable designs – at least he didn’t included the routing method we use here in Alaska.

This is not an introductory arm-chair read for those thinking about converting to SVO.  That honor goes to Ray Holan’s humorous Sliding Home, with its emphasis on which SVO system is right for you – and whether you really want to run SVO at all.

Gregg’s SVO book shines as a fabulous compendium of current cutting-edge vegoil practice and theory.  A great read for those interested in designing a robust vegoil system, and for current SVO drivers who want summary of the science behind their conversions.

Veg On!


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