A Biodiesel Plant in Anchorage.

December 31, 2008

alaska-waste-logoProbably the biggest Alaska biodiesel news of 2008 was Alaska Waste announcing plans to build a 500,000 gallon per year biodiesel plant in Anchorage.  Alaska Waste has been adamant that they are not going to be selling biodiesel, but using it for their private fleet.

You may remember early last fall news of folks scrambling for fryer oil.  Well, it appears that Alaska Waste has offered 3-year contracts to nearly all the major fryer-oil producing restaurants and institutions in and around Anchorage.  In exchange for an exclusive right to waste vegetable oil, Alaska Waste is providing a refrigerator-sized heated oil collector that will be installed inside the kitchens.

Pacific Biodiesel, known for community-scale biodiesel plants and their connection with the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, has been helping Alaska Waste with the planning process.

Alaska Waste is the main trash hauler in Alaska and is mostly owned by JL Properties, a major real estate developer in the area.  JL Properties is infamous for some business dealings which benefited Uncle Ted.

Change can be painful and uncertain, but opens many opportunities.  We’re quite excited about the prospect of a biodiesel facility in Anchorage, but are also wondering what this major shift in the fryer-oil scene will mean to the established vegoil community.

By securing nearly all of the larger oil contracts in the area, Alaska Waste has taken over the profitable portion of recycling waste vegetable oil.  Previously, Alaska Mill and Feed was collecting not only from the larger producers but also from the little restaurants, and selling clean oil to local drivers.  Alaska Waste is planning to offer a drop-off point for the smaller restaurants and individuals to dispose of used vegetable oil, and we’re hoping they will offer cleaned oil to SVO enthusiasts.

We’re looking forward to working with Alaska Waste in their biodiesel adventure.

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  1. […] or 55 gallon drums.  Instead, they will be wholesaling 5000 gallon tankers of yellow grease to Alaska Waste for their proposed biodiesel plant in Anchorage.  Alaska Waste is not currently planning on […]

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