June Biodiesel Classes in Palmer.

May 26, 2009

test-batchThu-Fri Jun 11-12, 2009 Biodiesel Production Crash Course in Palmer.
Looking to make free fuel? Everything from collecting oil to building your own full-sized reactor will be covered in this comprehensive 2-day biodiesel crash course. More info at www.alaskabiodiesel.org or call Arctic Vegwerks at 688-5288.

Sat-Sun Jun 13-14, 2009 Advanced Topics Biodiesel Hands-On Workshop in Palmer.
Learn the latest homebrew techniques to lower costs, improve safety and increase yields in your biodiesel process. We will cover Alaska-specific production issues including ethanol-based biodiesel, high-FFA oils, methanol recovery, glycerine processing, and acid-catalyzed esterification procedures. This workshop requires prior experience or attendance at the Biodiesel Production Crash Course (or similar 2-day class). More info at www.alaskabiodiesel.org or call Arctic Vegwerks at 688-5288.

Biodiesel fuel can be made in your backyard or garage for under $2/a gallon with common ingredients, using very inexpensive equipment. Relatively little chemistry knowledge is needed to produce quality fuel that will run in any diesel engine, and thousands of people around the country have discovered homebrewing fuel to be an addictive hobby. Come learn what it takes to produce your own clean-burning biodiesel fuel, and to build the equipment to do so. These classes are hands-on and fast-paced – you’ll be making test batches of fuel, titrating and testing oil, and assessing quality of the finished product throughout the two day class.

Maria “girl Mark” Alovert will be teaching these courses. She is the inventor of the water-heater based appleseed processor, the author of the Biodiesel Homebrew Guide, and the nation’s premier biodiesel educator.


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