Diesel VW Vanagon T3 Coolant Hoses – Part One – Engine Compartment

February 25, 2010

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Most diesel VW Volkswagen Vanagons (and diesel Vanagon Westfalia Campers) in the USA are from 1982, with some 1983s floating around. Both sport the 1.6 liter naturally aspirated (NA – non-turbo) engine. The ’83s have the “newer” water-cooled 5-speed style transmission. Both have a weird, mostly “no longer available” coolant hose system.

Luckily VW continued to sell Vanagon “T3” diesel models in other parts of the world. These included the same 1.6NA CS engine, as well as a 1.7NA KY engine and a 1.6TD JX Turbodiesel engine. Although these later models aren’t exactly the same, the coolant hoses should fit the USA 1982 and 1983 CS diesel Vanagons with minor modifications.

Note: The 1982 models had smaller diameter metal coolant pipes under the chassis, and smaller diameter hoses leading to the coolant pressure tank. For the 1983 models, VW moved the engine back 2 inches, kept the smaller diameter metal coolant pipes, but used larger diameter hoses on the coolant tank. Later models also had the engine further back, used the larger plastic coolant pipes common with gas models, and had the larger diameter hoses on the coolant tank (also the same as later gas models).

Basically, the 1.7 KY diesel hoses are still available (and the KY 3-way and 4-way hoses are the same as a TiiCo conversion), and should be pretty close to a stock 82 or 83 Vanagon diesel.  The 1.6TD JX hoses are close, but have an extra electric water pump.

(#) EKTA VW Electronic Parts Catalog number – see diagram.

NLA = No Longer Available 02/2010

* = Available 02/2010

82, 83 (>#CS149999), 84 (#CS150000>) = Model Year (approx.)

Engine Codes:

CS = 1.6 NA diesel

JX = 1.6 Turbodiesel (non-USA)

KY = 1.7 NA diesel (non-USA)

TiiCo = South African imported inline gas engine.

(1) Bypass Hose, Block to Water Pump
* all-CS+KY+(NOT TiiCo)+JX 068-121-053M

(3) Lower 3-Way Hose (Return) From Radiator Pipe & Oil Cooler to Water Pump
NLA 82CS 068-121-073A
* 83CS 068-121-073C
NLA 84?? 068-121-073B
* late-CS+KY+TiiCo 068-121-073G
* JX: see (JX3) note.

(6) Lower 3-Way Hose (Return) From Front Heater Core Hose to Water Pump & Expansion Tank
NLA 82CS 068-121-081
NLA 83CS 068-121-081B
* late-CS+KY+TiiC0+JX 068-121-081C

(17) Upper “Octopus Hose” 4-Way Hose Feed From Block to Radiator, Oil Cooler & Expansion Tank
NLA 82CS 068-121-101C
NLA 83CS 068-121-101E
NLA 84?? 068-121-101F
* late-CS+KY+TiiCo+JX 068-121-101H

(JX3) Note: The JX (and KY with a/c) 3-Way Hose (Return) From Radiator Pipe & Oil Cooler to Water Pump has an ADDITIONAL ELECTRIC WATER HEATER between the 3-way hose and oil cooler.
* JX+(KY with a/c) (JX3) 068-121-073H 3-Way Hose to Electric Water Pump
* JX+(KY with a/c) (JX33) 034-965-561C Electric Water Pump (also needs mount/wiring)
* JX+(KY with a/c) (JX7) 068-121-105 Oil Cooler to Electric Water Pump Hose

Note: Please support businesses that support old VW buses and vans: Van-Cafe in Santa Cruz has a TiiCo set for sale (same as KY except for the $5 bypass hose?) and The Bus Depot in Pennsylvania always has great prices, if somewhat slow shipping – I guess some parts need to come from Germany..  (P.S. thanks to Bus-Boys for the NLA list.)

Cost: You’re looking at $350-$400 (02/2010) for just the engine compartment hoses.  Nearly all of the cost is in the three funky hoses.  Used JX hoses from Germany are available from vanagon.eu (ebay/thesamba seller), while Justin over at Greaseworks sells a “lifetime” silicone set of the engine compartment hoses.

Next: Diesel VW Vanagon T3 Coolant Hoses – Part Two – Heater Hoses

I’m not quite sure what changed between 83 and 84, why some hoses are different from the later KY? Please comment for any corrections or other hose number options!


3 Responses to “Diesel VW Vanagon T3 Coolant Hoses – Part One – Engine Compartment”

  1. Will Taygan Says:

    Note: ’83 Metal Coolant pipes were re-routed to be parallel to each other next to the bottom of the fuel filter (like later vanagons) The ’82 supply pipe was about 6″ above the return pipe to the left of the fuel filter. The KY/JX Octopus hose is too long for the ’82 pipe location, it will need to be shortened and spliced OR the pipe will need to be moved or replaced with the newer style (2-piece aftermarket) ’83+ metal pipe.

  2. […] For more details about the hoses and engine codes (note DH is 1.9l 83-85 gas) see an earlier Arctic Vegwerks post: Diesel VW Vanagon T3 Coolant Hoses Engine Compartment. […]

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