VW Vanagon Inline-4 TiiCo/Diesel Coolant Hoses – Engine Compartment

April 27, 2012

Tearing apart this TiiCo engine has let me confirm that the three complicated TiiCo hoses (shown) *are* the same as the late-1.6 CS diesel and 1.7 KY Vanagon T3 Transporter diesel hoses (and two hoses are the same as the 1.6 turbodiesel JX engine).

Only the bypass hose from the head to water pump (not shown) is different. Note that the bypass hose is not Vanagon-specific and therefore common and cheap for both gas and diesel engines.

For more details about the hoses and engine codes (note DH is 1.9l 83-85 gas) see an earlier Arctic Vegwerks post: Diesel VW Vanagon T3 Coolant Hoses Engine Compartment.

Van-Cafe has the Tiico Engine Conversion Hose Kit for $295 in standard rubber and Justin at Greaseworks sells the colorful upgraded Diesel Vanagon Silicone Hose Set w/clamps for $399. Notice Van-Cafe’s gas bypass hose is S-shaped, while Greaseworks’ diesel bypass hose is more L-shaped.

You can also see where the PO cut the ends of the hoses to remove them from the underbody coolant pipes.

(3) Lower 3-Way Hose (Return) From Radiator Pipe & Oil Cooler to Water Pump
late-CS+KY+TiiCo 068-121-073G

(6) Lower 3-Way Hose (Return) From Front Heater Core Hose to Water Pump & Expansion Tank
late-CS+KY+TiiCo+JX 068-121-081C

(17) Upper “Octopus Hose” 4-Way Hose Feed From Block to Radiator, Oil Cooler & Expansion Tank
late-CS+KY+TiiCo+JX 068-121-101H

Coolant Pressure Expansion Tank
late-CS+KY+TiiCo+DH 025-121-407

Coolant Pressure Expansion Tank Low Level Sender
late-CS+KY+TiiCo+DH 251-919-372

More TiiCo info:
Vanagon TiiCo Dual Output Exhaust Manifold
Upgraded Vanagon TiiCo a3 Mk3 Intake Manifold
Vanagon TiiCo Transmission Adapter Plate


3 Responses to “VW Vanagon Inline-4 TiiCo/Diesel Coolant Hoses – Engine Compartment”

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