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AAZ Vanagon Injection Pump Lever

October 25, 2014

Background: We’re putting a 1.9 liter AAZ turbodiesel into a stock ’82 diesel Vanagon, which came from the factory with a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated diesel.  Because of the extra height of the 1.9 block and the orientation of the lever, it is too tall for the engine compartment.  The stock 1.6 Vanagon diesel injection pump lever is bent to fit under the lid, here’s a comparison showing the stock pump on the left:


Brickwerks in the UK makes a bolt-on solution, but they don’t ship to the US:

aaz lever2

Although the 1.6 lever has the same diameter, the mounting post on the AAZ is taller, so the lower spring and carrier from the 1.6 stock pump won’t fit. In addition, with the AAZ lower spring installed the 1.6 lever won’t engage the splines (1.6 splines sit on top of the lever, on the AAZ they sit below the lever).


So, a hybrid lever might be the solution. Here you can see the lower plate from the AAZ engages the splines, but the bend in the 1.6 lever is a bit too close to fit.

Also, the spring will require the damping plate from the AAZ sandwiched in-between the 1.6 and lower AAZ lever, as right now there is no spring connection on the lever to return the throttle back to idle.


Looks like I’ll have to either grind the AAZ plate down so I lose the second bolt hole, or fabricate a new arm to bolt into the AAZ lower throttle plate.  Decisions, decisions…