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11th Annual Alaska Renewable Energy Fair – Sat Jul 25th, 2015 Anchorage!

July 21, 2015



Come on out to the 2015 Renewable Energy Fair this Saturday July 25th, noon to 7pm.

NEW LOCATION AT 13th and NELCHINA ST, as this year it’s being held together with the Fairview Block Party!

We’ll offer a FREE BIODIESEL SEMINAR at 4pm, so if you want to come and chat about veg-fueled vehicles or check out our veg-burning VW Westfalia turbodiesel, then hit us up between noon and 4pm.

Kids activites, live music, renewable energy workshops, the whole shebang!

(P.S. if you miss us at the fair, we’ll be offering a 5-week biodiesel and SVO course at UAA Matsu College this October.)


AAZ Vanagon Injection Pump Lever

October 25, 2014

Background: We’re putting a 1.9 liter AAZ turbodiesel into a stock ’82 diesel Vanagon, which came from the factory with a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated diesel.  Because of the extra height of the 1.9 block and the orientation of the lever, it is too tall for the engine compartment.  The stock 1.6 Vanagon diesel injection pump lever is bent to fit under the lid, here’s a comparison showing the stock pump on the left:


Brickwerks in the UK makes a bolt-on solution, but they don’t ship to the US:

aaz lever2

Although the 1.6 lever has the same diameter, the mounting post on the AAZ is taller, so the lower spring and carrier from the 1.6 stock pump won’t fit. In addition, with the AAZ lower spring installed the 1.6 lever won’t engage the splines (1.6 splines sit on top of the lever, on the AAZ they sit below the lever).


So, a hybrid lever might be the solution. Here you can see the lower plate from the AAZ engages the splines, but the bend in the 1.6 lever is a bit too close to fit.

Also, the spring will require the damping plate from the AAZ sandwiched in-between the 1.6 and lower AAZ lever, as right now there is no spring connection on the lever to return the throttle back to idle.


Looks like I’ll have to either grind the AAZ plate down so I lose the second bolt hole, or fabricate a new arm to bolt into the AAZ lower throttle plate.  Decisions, decisions…

Anchorage Renewable Energy Fair, Sat Aug 11, 2012.

August 2, 2012

Renewable Fair 2012

Join REAP for the 8th annual Alaska Renewable Energy Fair on Saturday, August 11th from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm on the Anchorage downtown parkstrip between I & E Street. Admission is FREE, and it’s guaranteed to be fun for the whole family! Enjoy the live music, a beer garden, great food, kids activities, informational booths, and renewable energy workshops.  Includes a 4pm Biodiesel workshop, SVO converted Volkswagen Westfalia, SVO converted school bus and more veggie goodness!

VW Vanagon Inline-4 TiiCo/Remtec Transmission Adapter Plate and Flywheel

April 28, 2012

Post #4 in the TiiCo dismantling saga, the TiiCo/Remtec/diesel transmission adapter plate and flywheel. (Remtec was Volkswagen of South Africa’s engine rebuilding division – now a separate entity.)

I’ve read that the flywheel is customized to mate a 1.6(1.9?) diesel or 1.8/2.0 gas engine to the standard gas VW Volkswagon Vanagon transmission with the 228mm clutch. (This one connected a 2.0 3A Audi bubble block to a VW syncro transmission.)

The Tiico transmission adapter plate mounts between the engine and the flywheel and allows the inline-4 engine to be mounted at a 50 degree angle to fit under the Vanagon T3 Transporter deck lid.

Flywheel: stamped 223674 on back, scratched 51 on the hub in the inside, no VW part numbers.

Transmission Adapter Plate: marked 996-100-001BX, but this seems to be a number for an entire remanufactured Remtec (TiiCo) 2.0l inline-4 Vanagon (Kombi/Transporter) engine.

More TiiCo info:
Vanagon TiiCo Dual Output Exhaust Manifold
Upgraded Vanagon TiiCo a3 Mk3 Intake Manifold
Vanagon TiiCo-Diesel Coolant Hoses

VW Vanagon Inline-4 TiiCo/Diesel Coolant Hoses – Engine Compartment

April 27, 2012

Tearing apart this TiiCo engine has let me confirm that the three complicated TiiCo hoses (shown) *are* the same as the late-1.6 CS diesel and 1.7 KY Vanagon T3 Transporter diesel hoses (and two hoses are the same as the 1.6 turbodiesel JX engine).

Only the bypass hose from the head to water pump (not shown) is different. Note that the bypass hose is not Vanagon-specific and therefore common and cheap for both gas and diesel engines.

For more details about the hoses and engine codes (note DH is 1.9l 83-85 gas) see an earlier Arctic Vegwerks post: Diesel VW Vanagon T3 Coolant Hoses Engine Compartment.

Van-Cafe has the Tiico Engine Conversion Hose Kit for $295 in standard rubber and Justin at Greaseworks sells the colorful upgraded Diesel Vanagon Silicone Hose Set w/clamps for $399. Notice Van-Cafe’s gas bypass hose is S-shaped, while Greaseworks’ diesel bypass hose is more L-shaped.

You can also see where the PO cut the ends of the hoses to remove them from the underbody coolant pipes.

(3) Lower 3-Way Hose (Return) From Radiator Pipe & Oil Cooler to Water Pump
late-CS+KY+TiiCo 068-121-073G

(6) Lower 3-Way Hose (Return) From Front Heater Core Hose to Water Pump & Expansion Tank
late-CS+KY+TiiCo+JX 068-121-081C

(17) Upper “Octopus Hose” 4-Way Hose Feed From Block to Radiator, Oil Cooler & Expansion Tank
late-CS+KY+TiiCo+JX 068-121-101H

Coolant Pressure Expansion Tank
late-CS+KY+TiiCo+DH 025-121-407

Coolant Pressure Expansion Tank Low Level Sender
late-CS+KY+TiiCo+DH 251-919-372

More TiiCo info:
Vanagon TiiCo Dual Output Exhaust Manifold
Upgraded Vanagon TiiCo a3 Mk3 Intake Manifold
Vanagon TiiCo Transmission Adapter Plate

VW Vanagon Inline-4 TiiCo 6 bolt Dual Output Exhaust Manifold

April 26, 2012

VW Volkswagen Vanagon TiiCo Post #2. Here’s the dual output 6-bolt cast exhaust manifold – no O2 sensor. I know it fits 1.8 gas and 1.6 diesel heads, perhaps more? Manifold is stamped ROH 1HS-253-033B.

More TiiCo info:
Vanagon TiiCo-Diesel Coolant Hoses
Upgraded Vanagon TiiCo a3 Mk3 Intake Manifold
Vanagon TiiCo Transmission Adapter Plate

VW Vanagon Inline-4 TiiCo 1.8 a3 Intake Manifold, Injectors and Fuel Rail

April 26, 2012

Last week I picked up a comlpete TiiCo Vanagon inline-4 gas 1.8 VW head/3A Audi bubble block to scrounge the diesel parts from, and part out the gas-specific parts. It had the upgraded fuel injectors and the serpentine belt kit. Here’s the details on the a3/mk3 Intake Manifold Kit:

Throttle Body (not a part of the kit, but shown in background) 1HS-133-064
Intake Manifold 037-133-223AM
MAP Pressure Sensor on Manifold 06B-906-051
Fuel Rail (Fuel Distributor) 037-133-317L
Fuel Pressure Regulator (3,0 bar) 280-160-235
Fuel Injectors 037-906-031AK
Injector Seals 037-133-555C

More TiiCo info:
Vanagon TiiCo-Diesel Coolant Hoses
Vanagon TiiCo Dual Output Exhaust Manifold
Vanagon TiiCo Transmission Adapter Plate

Anchorage Renewable Energy Fair – Sat Aug 13

August 10, 2011

Yep, it’s time for Alaska’s 2011 Renewable Energy Fair!  We’re offering a FREE biodiesel and SVO seminar at noon, and will be there all afternoon with veg-converted vehicles at our booth. Hope to see you there!

Coming out of Hibernation.

March 9, 2011

Yes, we’ve had a bit of a brain freeze this past winter.  But, never fear!  Biodiesel and SVO is alive and well in the Arctic!

Fuel prices dropped this past year, and with it the biodiesel and SVO tirekickers dwindled to a mere trickle.  A few guys were once again trying to make a fortune brewing and selling biodiesel.  One in particular, Denali Biodiesel, got up and running with a few mid-scale plants, but as of this spring they’re relocating out-of-state.  Best of luck to them!

We at Arctic Vegwerks had ZERO conversions for 2010.  But, with Alaska’s Home Energy Rebate program we kept busy making our humble abode less dependent of fossil fuels, and took advantage of that nice $10k grant the state was offering.

Alaska Waste is plowing ahead with their biodiesel and composting efforts, and we applaud them.  We estimate they’re using about half of the grease in Anchorage in their private fleet of trash haulers.

This still leaves a quarter of a million gallons of grease out there.  With our remote market, obtaining enough SVO for personal vehicles is still a viable option.  We had it pretty cush when Alaska Mill and Feed was the grease processor: no contracts, and cheap grease for sale in bulk.  With Alaska Waste’s new 3-year contracts, many of the larger restaurant and institutions are taken, but there are plenty of little restaurants looking for someone to pick up grease for free.

Which leads to another dilemma: GREASE DISPOSAL.  Yep, SVO folks with too much grease on their hands are left to the Alaska Biodiesel Yahoogroup or Craigslist to cheaply dispose of oil.   Anchorage’s hazardous waste collection center at the landfill and transfer stations will take up to 40lbs of residential waste a day for free (one cubie), but charges $.25/lb for more ($4.00 a cube).  Businesses must to pay for all oil disposed.  Emerald Alaska is the city’s hazardous waste contractor, and their commercial rates are similar, but they do accept drums of oil.  Last time I checked, Alaska Waste was charging $2.50 a cube ($.50 a gallon) for oil disposal during business hours (call ahead), but will only take good clean oil – no sludge.

Bottom line: don’t stockpile more than you need.

Of course, we’ve got some friends heating their shop in Wasilla off SVO, with a modified Turk Burner setup.  Yellow Heat from Massachusetts has a neat Babington Ball heater.  Anyone else in Alaska doing SVO heat?  We’d love to hear from you.

Veg On!

Sep 8 Forum: Anchorage’s First Large Scale Biodiesel Plant

August 30, 2010

REAP, the Renewable Energy Alaska Project is kicking off its fall forums with a look at Anchorage’s new biodiesel plant!

September 8, 2010 6-8 p.m

Anchorage Museum auditorium, 625 C Street

Come hear how Alaska Waste and Alaska Green Waste Solutions’ large-scale biodiesel plant in Anchorage is turning recycled cooking oil into fuel for their fleet of garbage trucks. Opened in June, the plant is the first of its kind in Alaska. It is currently collecting about 4,000 gallons of used cooking oil each week from more than 200 restaurants, grocers and other businesses like the Peanut Farm, Lucky Wishbone and McDonalds.

Alaska Green Waste Solutions Manager Jeff Jessen will talk about the plant’s operation, plans for using the estimated 200,000 plus gallons a year of biodiesel and the benefits of biodiesel economically and environmentally.

More information at 929-7770 or

The forum is free, but RSVPs are appreciated.