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VW Vanagon Inline-4 TiiCo 1.8 a3 Intake Manifold, Injectors and Fuel Rail

April 26, 2012

Last week I picked up a comlpete TiiCo Vanagon inline-4 gas 1.8 VW head/3A Audi bubble block to scrounge the diesel parts from, and part out the gas-specific parts. It had the upgraded fuel injectors and the serpentine belt kit. Here’s the details on the a3/mk3 Intake Manifold Kit:

Throttle Body (not a part of the kit, but shown in background) 1HS-133-064
Intake Manifold 037-133-223AM
MAP Pressure Sensor on Manifold 06B-906-051
Fuel Rail (Fuel Distributor) 037-133-317L
Fuel Pressure Regulator (3,0 bar) 280-160-235
Fuel Injectors 037-906-031AK
Injector Seals 037-133-555C

More TiiCo info:
Vanagon TiiCo-Diesel Coolant Hoses
Vanagon TiiCo Dual Output Exhaust Manifold
Vanagon TiiCo Transmission Adapter Plate