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VW Vanagon Inline-4 TiiCo/Remtec Transmission Adapter Plate and Flywheel

April 28, 2012

Post #4 in the TiiCo dismantling saga, the TiiCo/Remtec/diesel transmission adapter plate and flywheel. (Remtec was Volkswagen of South Africa’s engine rebuilding division – now a separate entity.)

I’ve read that the flywheel is customized to mate a 1.6(1.9?) diesel or 1.8/2.0 gas engine to the standard gas VW Volkswagon Vanagon transmission with the 228mm clutch. (This one connected a 2.0 3A Audi bubble block to a VW syncro transmission.)

The Tiico transmission adapter plate mounts between the engine and the flywheel and allows the inline-4 engine to be mounted at a 50 degree angle to fit under the Vanagon T3 Transporter deck lid.

Flywheel: stamped 223674 on back, scratched 51 on the hub in the inside, no VW part numbers.

Transmission Adapter Plate: marked 996-100-001BX, but this seems to be a number for an entire remanufactured Remtec (TiiCo) 2.0l inline-4 Vanagon (Kombi/Transporter) engine.

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